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What is LawCrawl?

LawCrawl streamlines initial contract review by identifying non-standard terms and allows you to chat with our fine-tuned AI model that knows the context of your document.

How to use LawCrawl?

1. Upload your contract document.\n2. LawCrawl will identify non-standard terms.\n3. Chat with the AI model for further analysis and insights.

How accurate is LawCrawl's AI model?

LawCrawl's AI model is highly accurate and has been trained on extensive legal data to understand contract language and context.

LawCrawl's Core Features

  • Contract review
  • Identification of non-standard terms
  • Chat with AI model

    LawCrawl's Use Cases

  • Reviewing legal contracts
  • Negotiating contract terms
  • Analyzing contract clauses

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