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What is Legal Graph?

AI-powered legal assistant that enables legal professionals to review & generate contract abstracts faster with accuracy.

How to use Legal Graph?

Simply upload your contracts, and Legal Graph will analyze and extract key information to generate accurate contract abstracts. You can also review and cross-certify the results.

How does Legal Graph use AI to analyze contracts?

Legal Graph utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze contract language, identify key terms, and extract relevant information for contract review and abstract generation.

Can I trust the accuracy of the contract abstracts generated by Legal Graph?

Yes, you can. Legal Graph ensures accuracy by using state-of-the-art AI models and allowing cross-certification of results by legal professionals to maintain transparency and reliability.

Is Legal Graph suitable for all types of contracts?

Absolutely. Legal Graph is designed to handle a wide range of contract types and industries, providing accurate analysis and abstract generation regardless of the contract's complexity or domain.

Does Legal Graph support multiple file formats for contract upload?

Yes, Legal Graph supports various file formats such as PDF, Word documents, and other common formats, making it convenient for legal professionals to upload their contracts.

Can I customize the contract abstract templates in Legal Graph?

Yes, you can customize the contract abstract templates in Legal Graph to align with your specific requirements and formatting preferences.

Legal Graph's Core Features

  • AI-powered contract analysis
  • Contract abstract generation
  • Cross-certification of results
  • Transparency in answer sourcing

    Legal Graph's Use Cases

  • Contract analysis and review
  • Contract abstraction generation

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