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What is Legalysis?

Legalysis is an advanced legal document analysis tool that utilizes AI technology to examine contracts and legal documents, detecting potential risks and issues with accuracy. It also offers document summarization, converting lengthy documents into concise one-page summaries.

How to use Legalysis?

To use Legalysis, simply upload a contract or legal document to the platform. The AI technology will thoroughly analyze the document and provide insights on potential risks and complexities. Additionally, you can request a document summarization, which will condense the document into a concise one-page summary.

Legalysis's Core Features

  • Advanced AI technology for in-depth document analysis
  • Detection of potential risks and issues with accuracy
  • Conversion of lengthy legal documents into one-page summaries
  • Transparent understanding of legal documents
  • Cross-country risk pointing based on jurisdiction-specific regulations

    Legalysis's Use Cases

  • Law firms seeking efficient legal document analysis
  • Corporate legal departments looking to identify risks in contracts
  • Individuals dealing with legal documents and needing a transparent understanding of their contents
  • Navigating legal systems across different countries and ensuring compliance
  • Condensing large legal documents into concise summaries

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