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What is Looppanel?

Looppanel is a user research platform that streamlines UX research analysis. It provides high-quality transcripts, shareable video clips, live note-taking, and seamless integration with Zoom.

How to use Looppanel?

To use Looppanel, simply sign up for an account and connect it with your Zoom account. Looppanel will automatically record your calls, transcribe them, and centralize all your research data in one place. You can then use the AI note-taker to take notes during interviews, create clips of important moments, and collaborate with team members. Looppanel simplifies the analysis process and helps you present your findings effectively.

Looppanel's Core Features

  • Looppanel offers the following core features:
    - High-quality transcripts in multiple languages
    - AI note-taker for real-time note-taking
    - Time-stamped notes for key moments during calls
    - Collaboration with team members
    - Instant creation of video clips
    - Embedding video clips in various platforms
    - Sharing report summaries with a link

    Looppanel's Use Cases

  • Looppanel is used by teams big and small to streamline their UX research analysis. It is beneficial for UX researchers, product managers, designers, and anyone involved in user research. Some use cases include:
    - Conducting user interviews and capturing insights
    - Analyzing user behavior and interactions
    - Identifying pain points and areas for improvement
    - Collaborating with team members during the analysis process
    - Creating reports and presentations based on research findings

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