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What is Lunchbreak AI?

Use AI to research and write your own essays, detection free

How to use Lunchbreak AI?

1. Enter the topic, essay type, & length of your assignment\n2. Instantly generate real cited sources and references\n3. Make sure your writing feels like you, and not AI

Is Lunchbreak AI capable of generating high-quality essays?

Yes, Lunchbreak AI is trusted by over 60,000 students and is used to generate research-backed, plagiarism-free essays.

How does Lunchbreak AI ensure detection-free content?

Lunchbreak AI's fine-tuned model is trained on over 40,000 student essays and research papers, making the generated content undetectable.

Can I try Lunchbreak AI for free?

Yes, Lunchbreak AI offers a free trial with limited features and word limit. You can start writing essays for free.

Lunchbreak AI's Core Features

  • AI essay generation
  • Essay sources and citations
  • AI detection and humanization

    Lunchbreak AI's Use Cases

  • Academic essay writing
  • Research writing
  • Content creation

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