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What is Made Live?

Made Live is a comprehensive platform designed to assist users in creating the perfect children's book. It provides all the necessary tools and resources for writing, publishing, and sharing your book with the world.

How to use Made Live?

To start using Made Live, simply sign up for an account on the website. Once registered, you can access the book publishing software and various self-publishing tools. Utilize the software to write and format your children's book, and make use of the provided resources and guides to enhance your storytelling. When your book is ready, use the publishing software to publish it and make it available for others to read. Finally, utilize the book sharing features to promote and share your book with readers.

What if I have no prior experience in writing or publishing?

Made Live is designed to accommodate users with varying levels of experience. The platform provides resources and guides to assist beginners in writing and publishing their children's books.

Can I publish my book in different formats?

Yes, Made Live allows you to publish your children's book in various formats, including digital and print.

Can I collaborate with others on my book?

Yes, Made Live offers collaborative features, allowing you to work with others on your children's book project.

Is my published book easily accessible to readers?

Yes, Made Live provides book sharing features that make it easy for readers to access and discover your published children's book.

Made Live's Core Features

  • Book publishing software
  • Self-publishing tools
  • Resources and guides
  • Writing and formatting assistance
  • Book sharing features

    Made Live's Use Cases

  • Aspiring authors wishing to create a children's book
  • Self-published authors looking for an efficient platform
  • Parents or educators wanting to create personalized children's books
  • Authors seeking a platform to reach a wider audience with their children's books

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