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What is Mailforge?

Auto-generate domains and mailboxes for cold email within minutes with lookalike deliverability to Gmail/Outlook with auto DNS set in place and reducing the cost significantly. Perfect for brands/agencies who operate large-scale email operations.

How to use Mailforge?

Create hundreds and thousands of domains and mailboxes in minutes with premium deliverability and free automated setup.

What is Mailforge?

Mailforge is a platform that allows you to auto-generate domains and mailboxes for cold email with high deliverability to Gmail/Outlook. It also offers auto DNS setup and reduces the cost significantly.

Who is Mailforge for?

Mailforge is perfect for brands and agencies who operate large-scale email operations and need a reliable and cost-effective solution for cold email.

How does Mailforge work?

Mailforge uses advanced technology to auto-generate domains and mailboxes within minutes. It ensures lookalike deliverability to Gmail/Outlook and provides auto DNS setup. This helps reduce the cost of cold email operations.

Mailforge's Core Features

  • Auto-generate domains and mailboxes
  • High deliverability to Gmail/Outlook
  • Auto DNS setup
  • Cost reduction

    Mailforge's Use Cases

  • Brands with large-scale email operations
  • Agencies with large-scale email operations

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