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What is MakeTales?

MakeTales is an online platform that allows users to create and gift unique short stories. The platform offers personalized and creative storytelling services, where users can fill in a form to customize the type of story they want and include specific people, places, or objects. The created story is then emailed to the user, who can choose to share it digitally, print it at home, or send it to a loved one.

How to use MakeTales?

1. Fill in the form with the details for your personalized story, including the type of story and any important elements.2. Select a story template from the options presented.3. Provide an email address where the created story will be sent.4. Check your email to receive the personalized short story.5. Choose to share the story digitally, print it at home, or send it as a gift to someone special.

Can I include multiple important people, places, or objects in my story?

Yes, you can include multiple important elements in your story by providing the necessary details in the form.

Can I customize the type and genre of the story?

Absolutely! MakeTales allows you to choose the type and genre of the story you want, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Is there a limit to how many stories I can create?

There is no limit to the number of stories you can create on MakeTales. Feel free to create and enjoy as many unique stories as you like!

Can I edit or make changes to the created story?

Unfortunately, once the story is generated and sent to your email, editing or making changes is not possible. Please ensure to provide accurate details in the form.

Can I request a refund if I'm not satisfied with my created story?

MakeTales does not offer refunds for the personalized stories as they are unique and tailored specifically to your requirements. However, if you encounter any issues, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

MakeTales's Core Features

  • Personalized short stories
  • Creative storytelling templates
  • Email delivery
  • Digital sharing options
  • Print at home
  • Gifting options

    MakeTales's Use Cases

  • Create unique stories for personal enjoyment
  • Gift customized stories for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions
  • Share personalized stories with friends and family
  • Print and display customized stories as decor
  • Send heartfelt stories as a thoughtful gesture

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