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Malloy Q&A

What is Malloy?

Flawless AI Video Transcription in Minutes

How to use Malloy?

Upload your video to Malloy, review errors identified by Malloy, accept corrections or fix manually

What sets Malloy apart from other transcription tools?

Our advanced AI understands the context behind the words spoken, recognizing accents and industry-specific terminology to capture the true essence of your content.

Are there restrictions on upload length or file size?

There are no specified restrictions on upload length or file size.

Can I make corrections to the transcripts provided?

Yes, you can accept corrections suggested by Malloy or manually fix them.

How secure is my content on Malloy?

We prioritize data security and ensure that your content is kept safe and confidential.

Can I collaborate with my team on Malloy?

Yes, you can collaborate with your team on Malloy.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We currently do not have an affiliate program.

Malloy's Core Features

  • Accurate transcriptions for podcasts and videos
  • AI that understands diverse language nuances
  • Captures industry terms and regional slangs

    Malloy's Use Cases

  • Podcasters
  • Content professionals
  • Video editors
  • Marketing managers

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