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What is Melior AI?

Melior AI is a contract intelligence platform that offers cross-language semantic search, question answering, and intelligent document processing. It helps users categorize and review legal documents, find answers, and automate workflows for better business decision-making.

How to use Melior AI?

To use Melior AI, simply upload your legal documents to the platform. The platform will then automatically analyze the contracts, identify key clauses, extract relevant information, and flag potential risks or inconsistencies. You can use the platform's dynamic/cognitive search to find specific information or conduct investigations across multiple documents. Melior AI also offers intelligent insights, comparisons, workflows, and collaboration tools to enhance productivity for legal teams.

How can Melior AI help me?

Melior AI can help you by saving time in reviewing and analyzing legal documents, reducing human errors, and accelerating the negotiation process. It also provides intelligent insights, compliance monitoring, dynamic search, bespoke document comparisons, workflow creation, and collaborative tools.

What are the core features of Melior AI?

The core features of Melior AI include cross-language semantic search, question answering, intelligent document processing, automated contract review, key clause identification, risk and inconsistency flagging, compliance monitoring, dynamic search, bespoke document comparisons, workflow creation, and collaboration tools.

What are the use cases of Melior AI?

Melior AI can be used to accelerate the negotiation process, reduce human errors in contract management, track compliance requirements, monitor milestones and deadlines, efficiently retrieve accurate data, and enhance strategic thinking and practicing law.

What is the pricing of Melior AI?

Melior AI offers different pricing plans based on the number of users and documents. The startup plan includes 5 users and 2,000 documents per annum, the business plan includes 15 users and 5,000 documents, and the business+ plan includes 35 users and 10,000 documents. The enterprise plan is customizable based on specific requirements.

Melior AI's Core Features

  • Cross-language semantic search
  • Question answering
  • Intelligent document processing
  • Automated contract categorization and review
  • Key clause identification
  • Risk and inconsistency flagging
  • Compliance and regulatory monitoring
  • Dynamic/cognitive search
  • Bespoke document comparisons
  • Workflow creation and integration
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing

    Melior AI's Use Cases

  • Accelerating the negotiation process
  • Reducing human errors in contract management
  • Tracking compliance requirements
  • Monitoring milestones and deadlines
  • Efficient retrieval of accurate data
  • Enhancing strategic thinking and practicing law

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