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What is MetaForms?

MetaForms is the successor to Typeform for AI-first businesses. It allows you to build powerful feedback, surveys, and user research forms to collect valuable insights about your users through generative AI.

How to use MetaForms?

1. Start by creating a new form.2. Customize the form by adding questions, setting up AI follow-ups, and conditional branching.3. Share the form with your target audience.4. Collect responses and analyze the data to gain valuable insights about your users.

What is the purpose of this AI feedback form?

The purpose of the AI feedback form is to collect valuable insights and feedback from your users using AI-generated questions and follow-ups.

If every feedback is unique, how will I analyze them?

MetaForms provides tools to analyze and interpret the unique feedback collected. You can identify patterns, gain deeper insights, and make data-driven decisions.

Can I verify contact information with MetaForms?

Yes, MetaForms allows you to verify contact information by integrating with other tools and platforms that provide contact validation services.

Do you have any integrations?

Yes, MetaForms offers integrations with popular tools and platforms such as CRM systems, email marketing services, and project management tools.

Can MetaForms be used for other use cases than feedback?

Yes, MetaForms can be used for various use cases such as lead qualification, user research, customer satisfaction surveys, and more.

I don’t know how to work with AI prompts, or build conditional branching. Can I still use MetaForms?

Yes, MetaForms provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily set up AI prompts and conditional branching without requiring coding or technical skills.

MetaForms's Core Features

  • AI-powered form generation
  • Dynamic questions based on user responses
  • Real-time AI-generated follow-ups
  • Deeper insights from respondents
  • Customizable form builder with AI capabilities

    MetaForms's Use Cases

  • Collecting event feedback
  • Gathering product feedback
  • Obtaining employee feedback

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