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MeToo Camera Q&A

What is MeToo Camera?

MeToo Camera is a camera app that allows users to capture moments together by eliminating the problem of missing people in photos.

How to use MeToo Camera?

To use MeToo Camera, simply download and install the app on your iPhone XS or newer. Open the app, select your desired camera view (inside or outside), adjust the drag to capture the perfect frame, and start capturing moments together!

Which iPhone models are compatible with MeToo Camera?

MeToo Camera is compatible with iPhone XS and newer models.

How many cameras does MeToo Camera have?

MeToo Camera has dual inside-outside cameras for capturing moments together.

Can I adjust the view while capturing photos or videos?

Yes, you can drag to adjust the view and capture the perfect frame.

What types of frames are available in MeToo Camera?

MeToo Camera offers both square and circular frames for capturing photos and videos.

Is instant sharing available in MeToo Camera?

Yes, MeToo Camera allows for instant sharing of captured photos and videos.

MeToo Camera's Core Features

  • Dual inside-outside cameras
  • Drag-adjustable views
  • Square/circular frames
  • Capture videos
  • Instant photo sharing

    MeToo Camera's Use Cases

  • Group photos
  • Family gatherings
  • Parties and events
  • Travel and sightseeing

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