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What is Neurture?

Neurture is a habit and behavioral change app for people that have tried everything. Neurture's AI chat routes users to research-based resources (meditations, journal prompts, affirmations) and helps users develop and maintain their own plan for change.

How to use Neurture?

1. Download the Neurture app.\n2. Sign up for an account.\n3. Start using the AI chat to access research-based resources.\n4. Develop and maintain your own plan for change.

What habits can I work on with Neurture?

Anything! Neurture can target use or consumption of alcohol, caffeine, smoking, social media, impulsive shopping, pornography, gaming, technology, and many more.

Can I just use ChatGPT instead of this?

You could, but chat alone is quite limited. Neurture uses chat with your digital habit coach as a starting point and then incorporates different meditations, journal prompts, and goals to include in your action plan. Additionally, ChatGPT provides minimal privacy compared to Neurture. Privacy and trust are critical, so we don't sell your information, target you with ads, or train models using your data.

How much does it cost?

For now, Neurture is completely free. At some point, there will be a subscription option.

Can Neurture help with my New Year's resolution?

Absolutely! With Neurture, you can set goals and use tools that will help you actually achieve your New Year's resolutions. With check-ins anytime and a library of resources to help you understand your habits and yourself, Neurture is a great tool for reaching your new year's goals.

Neurture's Core Features

  • AI chat for habit coaching
  • Research-based therapeutic methods
  • Integration with meditations, journal entries, and affirmations
  • Private progress storage

    Neurture's Use Cases

  • Quit smoking
  • Reduce social media use
  • Overcome impulsive shopping

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