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What is Office Translator?

Provides high-quality document AI translation (50+ Language) for various formats including PDF / DOCX / PPTX / XLSX / EPUB / SRT / PO / TXT / XML / JSON / XLIFF / HTML while preserving the original layout.

How to use Office Translator?

1. Upload your document.\n2. Select the target language for translation.\n3. Start the translation, then download the translated document after the translation completed.

Is the document format preserved during translation?

Yes, our translation process ensures the preservation of the document format, including formulas and images.

What file formats can be translated?

We support translation of 20+ document formats including PDF, DOCX, Excel, etc.

How long does it take to translate a document?

Our advanced AI allows us to translate documents with 10000+ words in just a few minutes.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is based on the length of the document. You can try the first 1000 characters for free and pay only when satisfied with the translation result.

Office Translator's Core Features

  • PDF / DOCX / Pptx / Xlsx / ePub / SRT with ChatGPT Translator
  • Accurately translates while preserving the document format.
  • Translation more intelligent: We use large language models (LLMs) for translation, focusing more on semantic understanding and application, thereby significantly improving translation quality.
  • Low cost: Translating a document of 20,000 words (Tokens) costs about 1 dollar and can be completed within minutes.
  • Free preview: We ensure the translation maintains an excellent presentation and offer a free preview, you pay only when you are satisfied.
  • API Integration: We provide a simple API, you can easily integrate file translation functionality with your system.
  • Private storage: We ensure your translated documents are securely and privately stored, and you can preview them anytime via mobile or computer.
  • Organization: Invite members to join your organization and enjoy the convenience of translation together.

    Office Translator's Use Cases

  • Translate PDF documents used in software technology, finance, law, international trade, etc.
  • Preserve the original format of product manuals, easily achieve multilingual translation

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