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Papermerge DMS Q&A

What is Papermerge DMS?

Papermerge DMS is a free and open source document management system with OCR.

How to use Papermerge DMS?

To use Papermerge DMS, you need to install it on a server or a cloud platform. Once installed, you can upload scanned documents, digital archives, pdf, tiff, jpeg, and the system will automatically extract, analyze, and index the text content using OCR.

Is Papermerge DMS free to use?

Yes, Papermerge DMS is free and open source.

Can I use Papermerge DMS for personal use?

Yes, Papermerge DMS can be used for personal as well as commercial purposes.

Does Papermerge DMS support multiple file formats?

Yes, Papermerge DMS supports scanned documents, digital archives, pdf, tiff, jpeg, and more.

Papermerge DMS's Core Features

  • OCR functionality
  • Document management
  • Text indexing and search

    Papermerge DMS's Use Cases

  • Organize scanned documents
  • Archive digital documents
  • Search and retrieve information from documents

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