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What is Parseur?

AI data extraction software | Parseur®

How to use Parseur?

Effortlessly automate text extraction from PDFs, emails, and other documents with our powerful AI document parser. Instantly send extracted data to all your applications.

Why automate your data entry?

Automating data entry saves time, reduces errors, and increases efficiency.

Parseur's Core Features

  • AI-based data extraction
  • Template-based data extraction
  • OCR software
  • Zonal OCR
  • Dynamic OCR

    Parseur's Use Cases

  • Extract data from emails
  • Extract text from PDFs
  • Extract data from invoices
  • Convert Google Alerts email to Excel or Google Sheets
  • Document processing for real-estate
  • Extract data from bill of ladings and delivery notes
  • Connect e-commerce platforms to more applications
  • Extract candidate applications from resumes

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