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What is Pastors.AI?

Pastors.AI is a platform that allows users to instantly create a custom chatbot using YouTube videos of church services. The chatbot can provide resources, summaries, quotes, devotionals, and discussion questions based on the sermon.

How to use Pastors.AI?

To use Pastors.AI, simply enter the URL of a YouTube video of your church service. The platform will then generate a custom chatbot based on that video. You can ask the chatbot questions about the sermon or request various resources related to it.

What type of videos can I use to create a chatbot?

You can use YouTube videos of your church services to create a chatbot.

Can I create a chatbot for a single sermon?

Yes, you can create a chatbot for a single sermon or an entire sermon library.

What resources can the chatbot provide based on the sermon?

The chatbot can provide sermon summaries, key takeaways, insightful quotes, devotionals, and discussion questions.

How do I generate resources before Sunday service if I don't have a YouTube video?

You can upload your sermon manuscript or provide an RSS feed to train the chatbot.

Are there different pricing plans available?

Yes, there are pricing plans for church volunteers, staff, and pastors, offering different features and question limits.

Pastors.AI's Core Features

  • Create a custom chatbot from a YouTube video of your church service
  • Access resources such as sermon summaries, quotes, devotionals, and discussion questions
  • Time-stamped links for diving deeper into the sermon
  • Ability to upload sermon manuscripts or provide an RSS feed
  • Different pricing plans for volunteers, church staff, and pastors

    Pastors.AI's Use Cases

  • Repurpose sermons by creating resources for your church
  • Write sermon summaries and generate key takeaways
  • Get insightful quotes from sermons for sharing on social media
  • Create 5-day devotionals for reflection throughout the week
  • Develop sermon-based discussion and question guides for small groups
  • Upload sermon manuscripts to generate resources
  • Train a chatbot on an entire YouTube channel or church website data

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