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What is Pen2txt?

Transforming Handwritten Notes into Digital Text, with HTR

How to use Pen2txt?

1. Take a photo of your handwritten notes\n2. Upload the photo to Pen2txt\n3. Let the AI technology convert the notes into digital text\n4. Edit and share the digital text

How accurate is the handwriting recognition?

The handwriting recognition technology used by Pen2txt is highly accurate, providing reliable and precise results.

Can I edit the converted digital text?

Yes, Pen2txt allows you to easily edit the converted digital text to make any necessary changes or corrections.

Is Pen2txt accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, Pen2txt is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to transform your handwritten notes anytime, anywhere.

Pen2txt's Core Features

  • Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR)
  • OCR and AI technology
  • Accurate and editable results

    Pen2txt's Use Cases

  • Students digitizing lecture notes
  • Professionals converting meeting minutes

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