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Polar Q&A

What is Polar?

Your Shopify Analytics. Effortless. Centralized. Smart.

How to use Polar?

Connect your datasource in one click, automatically calculate KPIs. Visualize them all in one place. Get alerts and recommendations in real-time.

What integrations does Polar support?

Polar supports 1-click integrations with all major connectors of Shopify brands.

Can I create custom reports in Polar?

Yes, with Polar Analytics, you can build your own reports seamlessly using the data connected by the platform.

What is the pricing of Polar Analytics?

Please visit our website or contact us for pricing information.

How does Polar's AI Analyst work?

Ask Polar, your AI Analyst, allows you to create reports with a single prompt using AI technology.

What are the benefits of first-party attribution and server-side tracking?

With Polar's first-party attribution and server-side tracking, you can unlock the power of precise data tracking, deduplicate conversions, calculate true ROAS, and supercharge your ad campaigns.

Polar's Core Features

  • 1-click Integrations
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Custom Reporting
  • Goals tracking
  • Smart alerts & Insights
  • Ask Polar, your AI Analyst
  • First-party Attribution
  • Conversion API (CAPI) Enhancer

    Polar's Use Cases

  • Optimize Customer Acquisition
  • Increase Retention and LTV
  • Improve merchandising
  • Automate your Reporting
  • For Multi-Store Shopify Brands
  • For Shopify Agencies
  • Enterprise

    Polar Traffic

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    United States: 5.90%
    Australia: 5.13%
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    Traffic Sources
    Direct: 65.00%
    Search: 28.16%
    Social: 3.56%
    Referrals: 3.06%
    Mail: 0.19%
    Display Ads: 0.04%

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