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What is Ready to Send?

Ready to Send is a smart Gmail add-on that uses AI to automatically draft email replies. It effortlessly manages your inbox by generating responses behind the scenes, allowing you to boost productivity and save time. With personalized and contextual email responses in your voice, it revolutionizes email communication.

How to use Ready to Send?

To use Ready to Send, simply install the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Once installed, it works seamlessly with your Gmail account. Ready to Send generates draft email replies for new and unread emails that require a response. You can review and edit the drafts before sending them. It also allows you to personalize email instructions and customize your writing style for different contacts.

How do I install Ready to Send?

Ready to Send is an exclusive Gmail add-on available on the Google Workspace Marketplace. Follow the getting started guide for detailed installation instructions.

Is my data private and secure?

Absolutely! Ready to Send strictly adheres to all required data protection regulations and does not store emails or train AI models on your messages.

Does Ready to Send work on mobile devices?

Yes, Ready to Send natively integrates with Gmail apps on Android and iOS, allowing you to stay productive on the go!

How does Ready to Send know which emails to respond to?

Ready to Send scans your inbox for new and unread emails that require a response. It intelligently filters out newsletters, updates, promotions, and automated notifications.

Can I edit or delete the draft messages?

Certainly! With Ready to Send, you have full control to edit, refine, or delete draft responses according to your preferences.

Can I use Ready to Send to compose new emails?

Definitely! When composing a new email, you can use Ready to Send to describe your message. A complete email, including the salutation and signature, will be generated for your review.

Can I personalize the auto-generated responses?

Absolutely! Ready to Send allows you to personalize email instructions globally or tailor them to specific email addresses, ensuring authentic and personal communication.

Which language model does Ready to Send use?

Ready to Send leverages GPT-3.5 Turbo from OpenAI, a large language model optimized for dialogue.

How is Ready to Send different from other AI writing assistants?

Ready to Send works behind the scenes, generates personalized responses, and seamlessly integrates with Gmail, providing an intuitive and superior user experience.

Ready to Send's Core Features

  • Automatic draft email replies
  • AI-powered response generation
  • Personalized and contextual responses
  • Option to review and edit drafts
  • Seamless integration with Gmail
  • Support for 100+ languages

    Ready to Send's Use Cases

  • Increase communication velocity for professionals
  • Auto-generate customer support responses for businesses
  • Effortlessly achieve Inbox Zero for everyone

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