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What is Retouch4me?

Retouch4me is a collection of AI-powered retouching plugins designed to work the same way a professional retoucher would. It preserves the original skin texture and ensures that photos look natural.

How to use Retouch4me?

To use Retouch4me, simply upload your photos to the plugin, click a button, and wait for the AI to complete the retouching process.

What makes Retouch4me plugins different from other retouching software?

Retouch4me plugins are specifically designed to work like a professional retoucher, with a focus on preserving skin texture and producing natural-looking results.

How do I use Retouch4me plugins?

Simply upload your photos to the plugin, click a button, and wait for the AI to complete the retouching process. It's easy to use and requires no technical expertise.

Can I adjust the settings and go back to the original file?

Yes, Retouch4me plugins allow you to work with layers and keep the original file intact. You can change the settings and easily revert back to the original file without losing any data.

Do I need an internet connection to use Retouch4me plugins?

No, Retouch4me plugins can work autonomously on your local computer. They do not require an internet connection or the need to upload your photos to a remote server.

Can I use Retouch4me plugins for batch processing?

Yes, Retouch4me plugins support batch processing, allowing you to retouch multiple photos simultaneously while you focus on other tasks.

Retouch4me's Core Features

  • Flexible settings and a user-friendly interface
  • Work with layers and keep the original file intact
  • Preserve original skin texture and ensure natural-looking photos
  • Result in one click
  • No internet access required
  • Batch processing

    Retouch4me's Use Cases

  • Photographers who want professional-looking retouched photos
  • Retouchers who want to save time and improve efficiency

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