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What is RingleDingle Home?

RingleDingle is a fun and friendly e-greeting card service that uses advanced AI technology to generate personalized poems for your loved ones. You can choose from a variety of voices to narrate the poem and include custom audio with a backing track. The card also includes an image of the poem as interpreted by DALLE, an AI system.

How to use RingleDingle Home?

1. Enter your email and recipient information.2. Select a celebrity voice to narrate your poem.3. Our AI technology will generate a personalized poem describing the recipient.4. Choose the poem you like, and our system will generate the full e-greeting card or email.5. The card includes an audio file, AI narration, and an image of the poem.

What can I include in the e-greeting cards?

You can include personalized poems, custom audio with celebrity voices, and images of the poems as interpreted by DALLE.

Can I choose which celebrity voice narrates the poem?

Yes, you can select from a variety of voices, including celebrities like Johnny Cash and Betty White.

Is RingleDingle free to use?

Yes, it's free to use.

RingleDingle Home's Core Features

  • AI-narrated e-greeting cards
  • Personalized poems
  • Custom audio with celebrity voices
  • Images of poems as interpreted by DALLE

    RingleDingle Home's Use Cases

  • Sending funny and personalized e-greeting cards
  • Expressing special occasions or events
  • Surprising loved ones with custom audio messages
  • Creating a fun and friendly experience for recipients

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