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What is SciSummary?

SciSummary is an AI-driven platform that uses modern AI technology to summarize and understand scientific articles and research papers. It helps busy scientists, students, and enthusiasts stay up-to-date with the latest scientific breakthroughs without having to spend hours reading through lengthy and complex articles.

How to use SciSummary?

To use SciSummary, you can either send a document via email or upload it to the dashboard. The document can be in text format, a link, or even a PDF. Within minutes, you'll receive a summary in your inbox. This allows you to quickly digest the key points of the article without having to read the full text.

What types of documents can I summarize with SciSummary?

You can summarize scientific articles and research papers in text, link, or PDF formats using SciSummary.

How long does it take to receive a summary?

Within minutes of sending a document, you will receive a summary in your inbox or dashboard.

Can I use SciSummary for free?

Yes, most research paper summarizations are free. However, there may be charges for documents longer than approximately 6000 words.

Is there a subscription plan available?

Yes, you can subscribe for $4.99 per month and get 1,000,000 words summarized.

Who uses SciSummary?

SciSummary is used by researchers, students, and faculty at major universities in the US.

SciSummary's Core Features

  • AI-driven summarization of scientific articles and research papers
  • Ability to handle documents in text, link, and PDF formats
  • Fast delivery of summaries within minutes
  • Accessible via email or the online dashboard
  • Useful for busy scientists, students, and enthusiasts
  • Powered by bleeding edge Artificial Intelligence models (GPT-3.5 and GPT-4)
  • Leverages the expertise of a team of PhDs who analyze and guide the training of the AI models
  • Helps users save time and increase research productivity

    SciSummary's Use Cases

  • Scientific research: Stay up-to-date with the latest scientific breakthroughs and research findings without the need to read lengthy articles.
  • Academic studies: Facilitate research for students, faculty, and researchers by providing concise summaries of research papers.
  • Knowledge exploration: Explore diverse topics and gain a broad understanding of various scientific fields.
  • Time-saving tool: Cut down on reading time and increase research productivity by quickly digesting the key points of scientific articles.
  • Curiosity-driven learning: Satisfy the curiosity of science enthusiasts by providing them with summaries of complex scientific concepts in a simplified manner.

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