Open Q&A

What is is an AI-powered screenplay analysis tool that provides detailed feedback, grades, critiques, and suggestions for improvement for each scene of your script. It helps screenwriters of all levels elevate their writing and take their screenplay to the next level. The tool analyzes each scene, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and provides personalized suggestions for improvement.

How to use

To use, simply upload your screenplay onto the platform. The AI technology will analyze each scene and provide a comprehensive analysis. Users can access detailed grades, critiques, and personalized suggestions for improving their script.

What kind of feedback does provide? provides detailed feedback, grades, critiques, and suggestions for improvement for each scene of your screenplay.

Can beginners use

Yes, is suitable for both seasoned screenwriters and beginners starting out in the industry.

Does offer a free trial?

Yes, users can get the first 3 scenes of their script analyzed for free with no credit card required.

How fast is the analysis process? provides lightning-speed analysis, enabling users to receive thorough feedback on their screenplay quickly.

Does only analyze specific genres?

No, can analyze screenplays from any genre.'s Core Features

  • AI-powered screenplay analysis
  • Detailed feedback for every scene
  • Grades, critiques, and suggestions for improvement
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalized suggestions for improvement
  • Scene-by-scene analysis
  • Elevate writing skills
  • Increase chances of success in the industry's Use Cases

  • Improve screenwriting skills
  • Get expert feedback on a screenplay
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in a script
  • Receive personalized suggestions for script improvement
  • Take screenplays to the next level
  • Unlock the full potential of a script
  • Increase chances of success in the industry Traffic

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