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What is SDXL Turbo?

SDXL Turbo is an ultra-fast, high-quality AI image generation model that utilizes Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD) technology for real-time image synthesis.

How to use SDXL Turbo?

To use SDXL Turbo, simply enter your prompt on the website and wait for a second to see the generated image. There is no need for login or setup, making it accessible to all users.

What is SDXL Turbo?

SDXL Turbo is a state-of-the-art text-to-image generation model that utilizes Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD) for high-quality, real-time image synthesis.

Is SDXL Turbo free to use?

Yes, SDXL Turbo is available for free, non-commercial use on, where users can experience and test its capabilities.

Can I use SDXL Turbo for commercial purposes?

Currently, SDXL Turbo is released under a non-commercial research license. For commercial use, please contact us through for further information.

How does SDXL Turbo differ from other text-to-image models?

SDXL Turbo leverages ADD technology, enabling it to generate high-quality images in a single step, significantly faster than traditional multi-step models.

What are the system requirements to use SDXL Turbo?

SDXL Turbo can be used on most modern systems with internet access. For developers, using a system with a capable GPU like NVIDIA's A100 enhances its performance.

Can I integrate SDXL Turbo into my own applications?

Yes, developers can integrate SDXL Turbo into their applications using the model weights and code available on Hugging Face and GitHub, adhering to the non-commercial license terms.

What image resolution does SDXL Turbo support?

SDXL Turbo is optimized for generating 512x512 pixel images, balancing quality and computational efficiency.

Does SDXL Turbo support text-to-video generation?

Currently, SDXL Turbo specializes in text-to-image generation. Text-to-video capabilities are not available in this version.

How can I access SDXL Turbo’s model weights and code?

The model weights and code are available on Hugging Face and Stability AI’s generative-models GitHub repository.

Are there any limitations to the content SDXL Turbo can generate?

Yes, SDXL Turbo may have limitations in rendering legible text, faces, and certain complex scenarios. It’s also governed by an ethical use policy to prevent misuse.

Can SDXL Turbo generate images from any text prompt?

SDXL Turbo is designed to generate images from a wide range of text prompts, though its accuracy and quality may vary depending on the prompt’s specificity and complexity.

Is it possible to customize images generated by SDXL Turbo?

Yes, users can influence the outcome by adjusting the text prompts, though the current version does not support fine-grained control over every aspect of the generated image.

How does SDXL Turbo ensure the ethical use of AI?

SDXL Turbo adheres to Stability AI’s Acceptable Use Policy, which guides against generating harmful or misleading content.

What support is available for new users of SDXL Turbo?

New users can access a range of resources, including tutorials, user guides, and a community forum on

Can I contribute to the development of SDXL Turbo?

Yes, developers and researchers are welcome to contribute, especially those focusing on AI and image generation technology, by adhering to the guidelines provided on our repository.

Are there any plans to improve SDXL Turbo further?

Continuous improvements and updates are planned, with a focus on enhancing performance, expanding capabilities, and ensuring ethical AI practices.

Can SDXL Turbo be used for educational purposes?

Absolutely, SDXL Turbo is a valuable tool for educational purposes, particularly in fields related to AI, computer graphics, and media studies.

How does SDXL Turbo handle data privacy and security?

User data privacy and security are top priorities. SDXL Turbo complies with all relevant data protection regulations and does not store personal data without consent.

Is there a community for SDXL Turbo users?

Yes, there’s an active online community where users can share experiences, get help, and discuss best practices.

Where can I find more detailed documentation on SDXL Turbo?

Detailed documentation is available on and within the repositories on Hugging Face and GitHub.

SDXL Turbo's Core Features

  • Revolutionary performance with Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD) technology
  • Enhanced image quality with crisp and vivid images
  • Real-time generation capabilities
  • Computational efficiency with rapid image generation
  • Wide range of applications in gaming, VR, and content creation
  • User-friendly accessibility

    SDXL Turbo's Use Cases

  • Gaming
  • Virtual reality
  • Content creation
  • Artistic and design works
  • Educational and research projects
  • Interactive media and online content creation

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