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What is Sharly AI?

Chat with any documents and PDFs

How to use Sharly AI?

Simply upload any document or PDF and start chatting with Sharly AI. Ask questions, get accurate summaries, and retrieve specific information instantly.

What is Sharly AI?

Sharly AI is an AI-powered chatbot that enables users to chat with documents and PDFs, providing accurate summaries and retrieving specific information instantly.

How does Sharly AI work?

By utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Sharly AI analyzes the content of documents and PDFs, allowing users to ask questions, get accurate summaries, and retrieve specific information with ease.

What types of documents are supported by Sharly AI?

Sharly AI supports more than 50 types of documents, including PDFs, XML, and CSV files.

Is Sharly AI secure?

Yes, Sharly AI ensures data security through reliable and secure infrastructure. Data access is heavily restricted and monitored, and data and chats are encrypted for protection.

Can I customize Sharly AI's behavior?

Yes, Sharly AI allows users to craft unique AI personalities, create custom responses, and interact with documents and PDFs in a way that feels natural and specific to their needs.

Sharly AI's Core Features

  • PDF AI chatbot
  • Cross-document analysis
  • Automatic OCR for PDFs
  • Integrated with Google Drive
  • AI summaries and citations
  • Custom AI behavior
  • Reliable and secure infrastructure

    Sharly AI's Use Cases

  • Find and compare information across all your business domain
  • Collaborative knowledge base
  • Research and reading experience improvement
  • Chat with PDFs and documents
  • Custom AI behavior for specific needs
  • Legal document management and analysis
  • Project management document analysis and data insights
  • Content summarization

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