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What is Shulex VOC?

What is Shulex VOC? Shulex VOC is a SaaS platform that provides omnichannel voice of customer analysis and product research for e-commerce. It leverages ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, to analyze customer feedback, sentiment, and product data to help businesses make informed decisions.

How to use Shulex VOC?

How to Use Shulex VOC? 1. Sign up for Shulex VOC account.\n2. Install the Shulex VOC Chrome extension.\n3. Connect your e-commerce platforms and data sources.\n4. Start analyzing customer reviews, sentiment, and product data.\n5. Use the insights to improve your products, understand customer expectations, and gain a competitive advantage.

What platforms does Shulex VOC integrate with?

Shulex VOC integrates with Amazon, Shopify, SurveyMonkey, Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Salesforce, and AfterShip, among others.

What algorithm models does Shulex VOC use?

Shulex VOC combines algorithmic capabilities such as ChatGPT, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and NER (Named Entity Recognition) for its analysis.

How fast is the data crawling process in Shulex VOC?

Shulex VOC offers 10 times faster data crawling for Amazon product reviews and BSR (Best Sellers Rank) data, with customization services available for other platforms as well.

Does Shulex VOC provide expert support?

Yes, Shulex VOC has a team of experts who can assist with product selection, optimization, consumer research, and marketing strategies.

What can I expect from the Shulex VOC Chrome extension?

The Shulex VOC Chrome extension provides in-depth analysis of single ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), Amazon review analysis for multiple ASINs, Amazon Q&A analysis, AI listing optimization, and competitive analysis, among other features.

What are the core scenes covered by Shulex VOC for design and page layouts?

The core scenes supported by Shulex VOC for design and page layouts include travel, sports, and gift-giving.

Shulex VOC's Core Features

  • Omnichannel voice of customer analysis
  • Product research based on ChatGPT
  • Sentiment analysis of customer feedback
  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer analytics
  • Amazon review analysis
  • Amazon review export tools
  • ChatGPT for Amazon and Shopify
  • Word cloud generator
  • Unit converter
  • Social media hashtag and caption generator
  • Shopify stores resource blogs
  • VOC reports and insights

    Shulex VOC's Use Cases

  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Defining winning products
  • Improving product quality based on customer feedback
  • Understanding customer expectations
  • Analyzing competitor products
  • Conducting product research based on Amazon reviews
  • Exporting and analyzing Amazon reviews
  • Generating word clouds for customer reviews
  • Optimizing social media captions and hashtags
  • Accessing VOC reports and insights for business decision-making

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