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What is Shy Editor?

Shy Editor is an online text editor and writing environment that uses artificial intelligence to help writers improve their text and organize their workflow.

How to use Shy Editor?

Start by signing up for an account on the website. Once logged in, you can begin writing in the text editor. Utilize the AI assistant to improve your writing, take advantage of features like project notes and knowledge base for organization, and explore the various tools and options to customize your approach.

Shy Editor's Core Features

  • AI-powered text editor
  • Intelligent writing assistance
  • Project notes and knowledge base
  • Bibliographies and citation management
  • Detailed stats and version control
  • Intelligent search and grammar checker
  • Export options for different formats
  • Beautiful themes for customizable workspace

    Shy Editor's Use Cases

  • Novelists and fiction writers
  • Students and academics

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