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Siena AI Q&A

What is Siena AI?

The #1 empathic AI CX agent that has your back 24/7

How to use Siena AI?

Integrate Siena with your help desk in 1-click and start using your autonomous customer service with minimal setup.

Do you have vegan alternatives? Also how can I prepare it?

Yes, Siena offers vegan alternatives. To prepare it, simply scoop the powder into a cup or dose mug, add water to cover the powder and mix, then add your preferred milk and stir.

How can I track my order and make shipping address changes?

You can track your order and make shipping address changes by contacting our customer support team.

Can I pause my subscription if I will be traveling?

Yes, you can pause your subscription by contacting our customer support team.

Can I change the products in my subscription?

Yes, you can change the products in your subscription by contacting our customer support team.

Do you offer different flavors of coffee?

Yes, we offer different flavors of coffee. Please check our product catalog for more information.

How do I return my order?

To return your order, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Can I return a product?

Yes, you can return a product. Please contact our customer support team for the return process.

How do I modify or cancel my subscription?

You can modify or cancel your subscription by contacting our customer support team.

Is Siena available in multiple languages?

Yes, Siena is available in over 100 languages.

How does Siena handle complex issues?

Siena uses cognitive reasoning-based engine to handle complex issues by evaluating a large number of data points and making real-time decisions.

How fast can Siena respond to customer inquiries?

Siena provides faster response times compared to average automation tools, allowing for efficient customer support.

Does Siena provide data privacy?

Yes, at Siena, data privacy is paramount and customer data is not used to train our models.

Siena AI's Core Features

  • Autonomous customer service platform designed for commerce
  • Combines human empathy and AI to transform customer experience
  • Human-like empathy in every interaction
  • Resolves issues instead of deflecting them
  • Effortless omnichannel management
  • Flawlessly handles multiple intents & complex tasks
  • Unifies brand voice across all channels
  • Crafts channel-specific AI personas with ease
  • Personalizes at scale with brand precision

    Siena AI's Use Cases

  • Immediate answers with real-time knowledge base
  • Spark conversations and engage with audience through social media and community interactions
  • Deliver instant responses through conversational SMS and WhatsApp
  • Enhance customer buying journey with real-time shipping updates and order modification
  • Simplify returns, refunds, and exchanges process
  • Effortlessly manage and update subscriptions
  • Multilingual AI for global customer support
  • AI-powered smart routing for a personalized touch
  • Generative answers using data from various sources
  • Automate frequently asked questions

    Siena AI Traffic

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    Armenia: 5.82%
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    Direct: 62.89%
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    Referrals: 5.20%
    Social: 2.20%
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