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What is Simplebio?

Simplebio is the fastest way to build a kicka** personal page. It allows users to turn their LinkedIn profile into a customized personal webpage with AI-generated content and easy design customization. It requires no writing skills or design knowledge, making it incredibly easy for users to create their personal website in just two minutes.

How to use Simplebio?

1. Start by creating a Simplebio account and connecting your LinkedIn profile.\n2. Let the AI generate the first draft of your webpage content. Skip writer's block!\n3. Customize the color, font, and layout to match your personal style.\n4. Add your social media profiles and projects to showcase your work.\n5. Publish your webpage and share it with others.

Can I use Simplebio without a LinkedIn profile?

No, Simplebio requires a LinkedIn profile for integration.

Can I edit the AI-generated content?

Yes, you can edit and customize the content generated by the AI to better reflect your personal brand.

Can I change the design of my webpage after publishing?

Yes, Simplebio allows you to easily customize the color, font, and layout of your webpage even after it has been published.

Can I add my personal projects or portfolio to my webpage?

Yes, you can showcase your work by adding social media profiles and projects to your Simplebio personal webpage.

Is there a free plan available?

Yes, Simplebio offers a free plan that allows you to create and publish a basic personal webpage.

Simplebio's Core Features

  • Integration with LinkedIn profile
  • AI-generated content
  • Customizable color, font, and layout
  • Ability to add social media profiles and projects
  • Instant publishing

    Simplebio's Use Cases

  • Job seekers looking to create a professional online presence
  • Freelancers and independent professionals showcasing their work
  • Students and recent graduates building a personal brand
  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders promoting their businesses
  • Professionals looking to enhance their networking and personal branding efforts

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