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What is SkillOk?

SkillOk is an AI-powered resume builder that tailors your resume to job postings. It scans job descriptions, matches them with your CV, highlights relevant skills, and ensures you stand out.

How to use SkillOk?

To use SkillOk, simply upload your CV and provide the job description you are applying for. SkillOk's AI engine will analyze the job requirements and customize your resume accordingly. You can also fine-tune your resume by answering targeted questions and generating an introduction based on the job description. Once you are satisfied with your resume, you can export it in various formats.

What is an AI-Powered Customization Resume Service?

The AI-Powered resume builder is a tool that makes your CV fit for a specific job application, helping you stand out in the competitive job market. It also aligns your CV with industry best practices by providing data-driven advice and grammar checks for a polished CV that stands out to employers.

Does AI-Enhanced Resume Increase my Chance of Getting the Interview?

Yes, AI-enhanced resumes can increase interview chances by tailoring CVs to job requirements and optimizing for ATS software. Studies show that 70-75% of resumes are blocked by ATS software, making optimization based on the job description crucial for reaching your CV to the right people - HR managers and recruiters.

How does it Ensure my Resume is Relevant to the Job I'm Applying for?

Our AI engine ensures your resume is relevant by analyzing job requirements, optimizing keywords, customizing content, and following industry best practices. It highlights your skills, removes irrelevant information, and makes sure your CV aligns with the specific job requirements.

How about Customizing my Resume and Exporting it?

Our Drag-n-drop Resume Builder allows you to fully customize your resume, choose a template, pick colors, font, etc. to match your personal preferences and professional goals. Once you are satisfied with your resume, you can easily export it in various formats such as PDF and Word for your convenience.

How Can I Have Early Access to the Service?

You can simply enter your email address in the form provided on the website and get notified when the beta version is launched. As an early access subscriber, you'll get FREE access to our product before the official launch. Your feedback will be incredibly valuable in shaping the direction of our product.

SkillOk's Core Features

  • AI-powered customization of resumes for specific job applications
  • Extraction of skills from job descriptions and optional addition to your resume
  • Fine-tuning of resumes by answering targeted questions
  • Auto-generation of customized introduction based on the job description
  • Drag-n-drop Resume Builder for full customization of resumes

    SkillOk's Use Cases

  • Tailoring your resume to match job requirements and increase interview chances
  • Optimizing resumes for ATS software to ensure they reach HR managers and recruiters
  • Customizing resumes with preferred templates, colors, and fonts
  • Creating polished resumes that highlight relevant skills and experiences

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