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What is Speak Ai?

Get transcription, research, data analysis and NLP software from Speak Ai

How to use Speak Ai?

Speak Ai helps marketing and research teams turn unstructured audio, video, and text into competitive insights using transcription and NLP.

Who uses Speak?

Speak is used by market researchers, qualitative researchers, academic researchers, education institutions, digital marketers, and go-to-market teams.

Which Speak plan would you recommend for me?

We recommend starting with the Starter Plan and then customizing it based on your needs.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Speak Ai's Core Features

  • Transcription
  • Data analysis
  • NLP software

    Speak Ai's Use Cases

  • Convert audio to text
  • Convert video to text
  • Capture and analyze phone calls and meetings
  • Upload and analyze survey and form data
  • Qualitative research analysis

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