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What is Speakflow?

Speakflow is an online teleprompter that allows users to write and save scripts, collaborate with their team, and includes voice-activated scrolling.

How to use Speakflow?

1. Sign in or create an account on Speakflow. 2. Write and save your scripts. 3. Collaborate with your team. 4. Use voice-activated scrolling to control the teleprompter. 5. Record and share videos.

Is Speakflow compatible with physical teleprompter hardware?

Yes, Speakflow is compatible with physical teleprompter hardware.

Speakflow's Core Features

  • Voice-activated scrolling
  • Script collaboration
  • Compatibility with physical teleprompter hardware

    Speakflow's Use Cases

  • Reducing production time
  • Delivering better presentations
  • Recording videos in the browser

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