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Stepsize AI Q&A

What is Stepsize AI?

Use data from Jira boards or Linear teams to create stunning reports on your product development. Get actionable metrics and charts, with accurate AI-generated commentary.

How to use Stepsize AI?

1. Connect your Jira boards or Linear teams to Stepsize AI. 2. Let Stepsize AI analyze your data and generate reports. 3. View actionable metrics and charts with AI-generated commentary. 4. Use the insights to improve your product development process.

What data sources does Stepsize AI support?

Stepsize AI supports data from Jira boards and Linear teams.

Is Stepsize AI secure?

Yes, Stepsize AI uses robust 256-bit encryption for data security.

Can I try Stepsize AI for free?

Yes, Stepsize AI offers a 2-week free trial with no credit card required for the first update.

Stepsize AI's Core Features

  • Automated reporting
  • Actionable metrics and charts
  • Accurate AI-generated commentary

    Stepsize AI's Use Cases

  • Daily Standups
  • Team Sync
  • Sprint Report

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