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Summarify Q&A

What is Summarify?

Summarify is a free summarization tool that helps you create concise summaries for your PDFs, webpages, Texts, Youtube Videos, Audio Files and Blogs in 19+ languages in a note and voice of your choice, using AI.

How to use Summarify?

To use Summarify, simply paste the text, upload a PDF file, provide a web URL, blog URL, YouTube URL, or audio URL of the content you want to summarize. Then, choose the language and voice you prefer for the summary. Within seconds, Summarify will generate a detailed summary of the content.

Is Summarify free to use?

Yes, Summarify is completely free to use.

Can I summarize audio files with Summarify?

Yes, Summarify supports summarization of audio files as well.

How accurate are the summaries generated by Summarify?

Summarify uses AI technology to generate summaries. While it strives to provide accurate summaries, the quality may vary depending on the complexity and context of the content.

Can I customize the voice for the summary?

Yes, Summarify allows you to choose the voice you prefer for the summary.

Does Summarify support multiple languages?

Yes, Summarify supports summarization in 19+ languages.

Summarify's Core Features

  • AI-powered summarization
  • Supports various content types
  • Summarization in multiple languages
  • Choice of note and voice

    Summarify's Use Cases

  • Research and study
  • Content curation
  • Information summarization

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