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What is Swish Scan?

Swish Scan is a web-based PDF scanner and OCR tool that allows users to instantly capture documents using their camera and extract text from PDFs with multiple language support.

How to use Swish Scan?

To use Swish Scan, simply open the website on your device, select the camera option, and position the document within the frame. The tool will automatically capture the document and generate a high-quality PDF. For OCR, upload your PDF and choose the desired language for text extraction.

What file formats does Swish Scan support?

Swish Scan supports PDF as the primary file format for document capture and OCR.

Can I extract text in multiple languages with Swish Scan?

Yes, Swish Scan provides OCR functionality with support for text extraction in multiple languages.

Does Swish Scan require a sign-up or account?

No, Swish Scan is a web-based tool and does not require any sign-up or account creation to use its basic features.

Is the OCR feature accurate?

Swish Scan uses advanced OCR technology to provide accurate text extraction from PDFs, ensuring reliable results.

Swish Scan's Core Features

  • Instant document capture using camera
  • OCR with support for multiple languages
  • Image processing for perfect scans
  • Smart edges ensure documents fit perfectly on the page

    Swish Scan's Use Cases

  • Scanning receipts and invoices for expense tracking
  • Digitizing paper documents for easy storage and access
  • Converting printed materials to editable text
  • Creating PDFs from physical documents on the go

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