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Syncly Q&A

What is Syncly?

Syncly uses AI to automatically categorize and analyze your communication with customers, helping customer-facing teams understand most urgent customer issues at scale.

How to use Syncly?

Syncly empowers businesses to automatically categorize and analyze customer feedback using AI, providing a scalable solution for feedback management and enabling prioritization based on revenue impact.

What does Syncly do?

Syncly uses AI to automatically categorize and analyze customer feedback, helping customer-facing teams understand urgent customer issues.

How does Syncly categorize feedback?

Syncly uses AI-powered categorization to analyze feedback and reveal hidden negative signals.

Can Syncly help prioritize customer issues?

Yes, Syncly enables businesses to prioritize major issues specific to desired customer segments based on revenue impact.

Is Syncly a centralized platform for customer feedback data?

Yes, Syncly offers a centralized platform for all team members to access and utilize customer feedback data effectively.

Syncly's Core Features

  • AI Analysis
  • Real-time Customer Feedback Insights
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Prioritize based on revenue impact
  • Single Source of Truth Customer Feedback Database for Everyone

    Syncly's Use Cases

  • Surface real customer pains
  • Customer expert
  • Proactive actions
  • Customer experience

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