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What is Taggy?

Taggy is a tool that enhances your visibility on social media by generating engaging captions and quotes based on the content of your pictures. By automatically generating keywords and hashtags, Taggy helps you create captivating texts that increase user engagement in your posts.

How to use Taggy?

To use Taggy, simply upload your picture and let it automatically generate keywords and hashtags based on the picture content. You can then select the desired keywords and generate captions and personalized quotes in three different tones. Taggy also allows you to add additional context such as place and location, and generates texts in 10 different languages. You can save your favorite generations and settings to your profile for easy reference and adjustment. Finally, by choosing the right words, you can enhance the visual impact and user engagement in your social media posts.

How does Taggy work?

Taggy uses AI to detect and classify keywords in your photo, then converts them into engaging text and hashtags for your posts.

What image formats and sizes does Taggy support?

Taggy accepts three popular image formats: JPG, JPEG, and PNG. The maximum image size allowed is 6MB.

What happens to the images I upload?

When you upload images to Taggy, they are temporarily stored for the caption generation process. All uploaded images are automatically deleted from our servers every 24 hours. The images are not used for any other purpose.

Is there a mobile version of Taggy?

Unfortunately, there is no mobile version of Taggy at the moment. However, Taggy is a Progressive Web App (PWA), which allows you to install the web app on your phone.

Can I give feedback or suggest new features?

Absolutely! We welcome your feedback and suggestions for new features. Please write directly to us using @taggy_ai.

Taggy's Core Features

  • Automatic generation of keywords and hashtags based on picture content
  • Text generation in three different tones
  • Ability to add additional context such as place and location
  • Text generation in 10 different languages
  • Saving favorite generations and settings to profile
  • Enhancing visual impact and user engagement in social media posts

    Taggy's Use Cases

  • Enhancing visibility and engagement on social media
  • Generating captivating captions and quotes for pictures
  • Describing AI creations in a compelling manner

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