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What is Tango?

Tango is an AI-powered client engagement platform designed specifically for freelancers and agencies in the creative industry. It helps gather information faster using AI, streamline proposal approval, automate invoicing and payment processes, and simplify the selling of add-on services.

How to use Tango?

To use Tango, simply sign up for a free account. Once logged in, you can set a goal for your AI form, which will dynamically ask questions to gather high quality information from clients. This helps you gain clarity and gather necessary project details faster. You can then create sign-ready proposals, customize them with scope, terms, payment, and contract details, and send them to clients for approval. Tango also allows you to offer optional services to clients, handle change requests professionally, and automate invoicing with configurable payment terms.

Is Tango suitable for all types of creative freelancers and agencies?

Yes, Tango is designed to cater to the needs of design, development, and creative freelancers and agencies globally. It can be used by individuals and teams to streamline their client engagement processes.

How does AI-powered information gathering work in Tango?

Tango's AI form allows you to set goals for gathering information from clients. The form dynamically asks questions based on the goal, helping you collect high quality and relevant project details faster.

Can I customize the proposals created in Tango?

Yes, Tango allows you to create sign-ready proposals that can be customized with scope, terms, payment details, and contracts. This flexibility enables you to tailor proposals to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Does Tango support automated invoicing and payment collection?

Yes, Tango automates the invoicing process and supports configurable payment terms. This helps you collect payments faster, enhancing your cash flow and reducing administrative tasks.

Can Tango help in managing changes and scope creep?

Yes, Tango provides a professional change request management system. Clients can easily request changes, view what has been changed, and accept the changes with a single click. This helps you handle changes smoothly and maintain project margins.

Tango's Core Features

  • The core features of Tango include: AI-powered information gathering, sign-ready proposals, up-selling and cross-selling options, change request management, automated invoicing, and configurable payment terms.

    Tango's Use Cases

  • Tango can be used by design, development, and creative freelancers and agencies globally. It benefits them by simplifying the client engagement process, improving efficiency, reducing administrative tasks, enhancing revenue through up-selling, and minimizing scope creep.

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