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What is Teachers Report Writer?

Teachers Report Writer is an AI-powered app designed to simplify the process of writing school reports for teachers. By entering a few bullet points for each student, the app generates full, well-written reports in a matter of seconds.

How to use Teachers Report Writer?

To use Teachers Report Writer, simply sign up for an account. Once logged in, you can start writing reports by adding brief comments about each student. The AI algorithm will then utilize this input to create personalized, flowing reports. The generated reports can be exported as Docx or Xlsx files, which can be uploaded to a school MIS or copied and pasted wherever needed.

Is Teachers Report Writer compatible with different languages?

Yes, Teachers Report Writer is fully multilingual. Both the teacher input and the generated report output can be in any language.

Does Teachers Report Writer store any information from my Google Classroom account?

No, Teachers Report Writer only retrieves class information and student names from your Google Classroom account. It does not store any other personal or sensitive information.

Can I export the generated reports to different file formats?

Yes, you can export the final class sets of reports as either Docx or Xlsx files. This allows for easy integration with school management information systems or other platforms.

Teachers Report Writer's Core Features

  • AI-powered report generation
  • Personalized reports for each student
  • Perfect spelling and grammar
  • Flexible word count and writing style
  • Google Classroom integration
  • Export options for Docx and Xlsx files

    Teachers Report Writer's Use Cases

  • Generating school reports for both Secondary/High School and Primary/Junior School students
  • Saving time and effort in the report writing process
  • Ensuring consistent and high-quality reports
  • Streamlining the reporting process by integrating with Google Classroom
  • Easily exporting reports for use in school management systems or other platforms

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