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What is Texture Lab?

Texture Lab is an AI-powered platform that allows you to generate 3D textures for your game in seconds. It provides instant and unique seamless textures by using AI algorithms.

How to use Texture Lab?

To use Texture Lab, simply log in to the BETA version of the platform. You can then choose from various texture options such as dragon scales, gross meaty mess with sticking out bones, Egyptian ancient tiles, rocks, stonewalls, clay, and more. Additionally, you can generate variations of the textures including diffuse, height, and normal maps. These ready-to-use textures are free and can be easily integrated into your game.

Are the generated textures free to use?

Yes, all the textures generated with TextureLab are free to use.

What license are the generated textures under?

The generated textures are licensed under the Creative ML OpenRAIL-M license.

Who is the creator of Texture Lab?

Texture Lab was created by Hugo.

Texture Lab's Core Features

  • Texture Lab offers the following core features:
    1. Instant generation of 3D textures
    2. AI-powered algorithms for seamless textures
    3. Various texture options including building, rock, wood, sand, vegetable, ice, and miscellaneous
    4. Clay mode for creating unique textures
    5. Ability to generate variations of textures such as diffuse, height, and normal maps
    6. Free and ready-to-use textures

    Texture Lab's Use Cases

  • Texture Lab can be used in various scenarios, including:
    1. Game development: It allows game developers to quickly generate high-quality and unique textures for their games.
    2. 3D modeling: Texture Lab assists 3D modelers in creating realistic textures for their models.
    3. Virtual environments: It enables the creation of immersive virtual environments by providing a wide range of textures.
    4. Animation and visual effects: Texture Lab can be utilized to enhance animations and visual effects with realistic textures.

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