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What is The StoryGraph?

We'll help you track your reading and choose your next book based on your mood and your favorite topics and themes.

How to use The StoryGraph?

Sign up or sign in to start tracking your reading and get personalized book recommendations.

Does The StoryGraph have a mobile app?

Yes! We're on the App Store and the Play Store. If we're not available in your country, you can download our app from our website.

Will I be able to import my data from Goodreads?

You sure can! We will import all of your currently-reading, read, to-read, and did-not-finish shelves. Any custom shelves will be mapped to a custom tag on StoryGraph.

Is The StoryGraph free to use?

It is, and most of the app will always be free to use. We do have a paid Plus plan for users looking for a more enhanced, personalized experience!

Who is behind The StoryGraph?

It's run and built by Nadia Odunayo and Rob Frelow. It started life as a personal side project of Nadia's to create and track progress through reading lists. Find out more on our team page.

The StoryGraph's Core Features

  • Simple tracking and insightful stats
  • Smart personalized recommendations
  • Discover books by mood
  • Read with friends
  • Custom tags and lists
  • Reading challenges
  • Content warnings
  • Half & Quarter Stars
  • Built-in DNF & Owned
  • Reading journal
  • Up Next Queue
  • Book clubs

    The StoryGraph's Use Cases

  • Track reading habits
  • Choose books based on mood and preferences
  • Read with friends and add live reactions
  • Organize and share book lists

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