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What is Thetawise?

Personalized math tutoring powered by AI.

How to use Thetawise?

Conquer your math class with Thetawise, the most accurate AI tutor. Disable incognito or create an account to access chat.

How does Thetawise work?

Thetawise uses AI technology to provide personalized math tutoring. Students can chat with the AI tutor, upload images of math problems, and receive step-by-step solutions.

Can I try Thetawise for free?

Yes, Thetawise offers a free plan with limited features. Users can access image uploads, the draw pad, and voice-to-text, but with a limit on the number of messages and public answers per day.

Thetawise's Core Features

  • Personalized math tutoring
  • AI-powered tutor
  • Chat support
  • Image-to-text conversion

    Thetawise's Use Cases

  • Improve math skills
  • Get help with homework
  • Prepare for exams

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