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What is tl;dr AI?

tl;dr AI is an AI-powered reading companion and web extension. It provides instant summaries of any article on the web, helping users save time and stay informed.

How to use tl;dr AI?

1. Install the tl;dr AI web extension for your browser (available for Chrome, Android, and macOS Safari).\n2. Open any article on the web.\n3. Click on the tl;dr AI extension icon.\n4. Receive an instant summary of the article.\n5. Read more, understand better, and save time using tl;dr AI.

tl;dr AI's Core Features

  • Instant article summarization
  • Time-saving functionality
  • Cutting through clickbait
  • Enhancing productivity

    tl;dr AI's Use Cases

  • Reading articles more efficiently
  • Gaining quick insights on various topics
  • Staying informed with less time-consuming reading
  • Increasing learning speed

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