What is TXYZ.AI?

Integrate all paths to knowledge. TXYZ.AI is a revolutionary platform that enhances the research pipeline with AI-powered reading, searching, and writing for unparalleled efficiency.

How to use TXYZ.AI?

Discover academic papers, speed up research tasks, gain research insights, manage research library, and acquire knowledge across disciplines.

How do researchers use TXYZ?

Researchers use TXYZ to discover academic papers, speed up research tasks, gain research insights through AI interaction, manage their research library, and acquire knowledge in new domains.

Can TXYZ be used for tasks other than reading research papers?

Yes, TXYZ can be used for a wide range of tasks including academic research, industry R&D, market research, training, and knowledge sharing.

Is there an API available for integration?

Yes, TXYZ offers API access for seamless integration. It is ideal for companies, research labs, and educational institutions.

How reliable are the answers in TXYZ?

TXYZ strives to enhance accuracy and reduce the "hallucination" problem by refining its retrieval algorithm and providing document location references.

What happens to documents uploaded to TXYZ?

Documents uploaded to TXYZ remain private to the user and are not shared with anyone else. If a user deletes a private paper from their library, it will also be removed from TXYZ's database.

How can I contact the TXYZ team?

For feedback or general comments, users can email the TXYZ team at [email protected]. There is also a Discord community where users can connect with others and stay updated on AI trends and news.

TXYZ.AI's Core Features

  • Extract research insights
  • Personalized daily papers
  • Effortless natural language search
  • All-in-one research library
  • Scale invariant information retrieval
  • Mitigating hallucination by providing facts
  • Ever-improving AI assistant

    TXYZ.AI's Use Cases

  • Academic research
  • Industry R&D
  • Market research
  • Training and knowledge sharing

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