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Veo Sports Camera Q&A

What is Veo Sports Camera?

Veo is the ultimate camera for team sports. Record and live-stream your matches automatically and take your game a level up.

How to use Veo Sports Camera?

1. Book a sales call\n2. Sign up for free\n3. Record everything, every time


What is Veo?


Veo is the ultimate camera for team sports, allowing you to record and live-stream matches automatically.


How does Veo work?


Veo's AI-powered capturing solution automatically breaks down games and provides match footage and statistics for analysis.


Can I live-stream my matches?


Yes, you can set up a live stream quickly with Veo and invite your fans to watch your biggest moments.


What are the core features of Veo?


Veo's core features include AI-powered capturing, match footage analysis, portable AI camera, highlights creation, live streaming, and AI-captured match statistics.


Is Veo suitable for all sports teams?


Yes, Veo is designed for sports teams at all levels to unlock new insights and improve their game.


What is Veo Academy?


Veo Academy offers informative content like 'Kevin De Bruyne's Blueprint' that explores football tactics and strategies.


How can I get started with Veo?


You can book a sales call, sign up for free, and start recording your matches with Veo.

Veo Sports Camera's Core Features

  • 1. AI-powered capturing solution
    2. Review footage and match stats
    3. Portable AI camera
    4. Capture and follow the action
    5. Match footage for learning
    6. Highlights of game-defining moments
    7. Live streaming
    8. AI-captured match statistics
    9. Veo Academy
    10. Kevin De Bruyne's Blueprint

    Veo Sports Camera's Use Cases

  • Sports teams at all levels

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