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Verbalate™ Q&A

What is Verbalate™?

Verbalate™ is a universal video translation and lip sync tool that effortlessly converts audio/video content into multiple languages with voice clone and lip sync features.

How to use Verbalate™?

To use Verbalate™, simply upload your audio or video content and select the languages you want to translate it into. The software will then use voice clone and lip sync technology to seamlessly translate and synchronize the content. You can also customize the audio tracks and export the translated videos.

How does the pricing work?

Our pricing model is subscription-based, where each subscription tier provides a specific allocation of minutes each month. If you exceed this allocation, you can add more minutes to your account at a rate determined by your subscription tier.

How am I charged for additional minutes?

Should you exceed your allocated minutes, you have the option to purchase extra minutes. The cost for these additional minutes varies based on your subscription plan.

What happens to my unused minutes?

For those subscribed to the monthly plan, your unused minutes will expire at each month’s end. For those on the annual plan, unused minutes will remain until the yearly contract concludes, after which they will expire.

What if I want to cancel my subscription plan?

This can be done from the user interface by going to your subscription settings and canceling.

How long do the videos take to process?

The processing time for videos is typically half the length of the video, for example a 1-minute video would take 30 seconds to process.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, this can be done in the user interface by going to your subscription settings and changing it.

Verbalate™'s Core Features

  • Universal video translation
  • Lip sync technology
  • Voice clone feature
  • Multi-language audio tracks
  • API access

    Verbalate™'s Use Cases

  • Reaching a global audience
  • Unlocking new revenue streams
  • Scaling video and audio content production

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