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Vidby Q&A

What is Vidby?

Vidby is a fast translation and dubbing service for videos.

How to use Vidby?

To use Vidby, simply upload a video or add a link to it on the website. Choose the language in which you want the video to be translated, make a payment, and wait for the translated video to be delivered.

How long does it take for Vidby to translate a video?

Vidby can translate 1 minute of video in 1-2 minutes.

Can I choose the dialect for the video translation?

Yes, Vidby offers a choice of dialect for the translated video.

What languages does Vidby support?

Vidby supports over 50 languages.

Is Vidby fully automated?

Yes, Vidby is fully automated and provides faster translation compared to traditional agencies.

Can I get support if I have questions or issues?

Yes, Vidby has a support team available to answer any questions or resolve issues.

Vidby's Core Features

  • Vidby offers rapid and accurate video translation, subtitling, and dubbing using AI-powered software. It supports over 50 languages and provides a choice of quality levels depending on the specific requirements of the video.

    Vidby's Use Cases

  • Vidby can be used for various purposes such as translating and dubbing promotional videos, advertisements, cartoons, films, shows, internal guides, courses, educational content, tutorials, social media reels, and more.

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