Open Q&A

What is

Boost your short videos with automated subtitles

How to use

Upload your short video, wait for the subtitles to automatically generate on your video, edit them as you wish, add cool emojis, build, download, then post your final video with subtitles everywhere!

How does Videofast generate subtitles?

Videofast uses an automated process to generate subtitles on your short videos.

Can I edit the generated subtitles?

Yes, you can edit the automatically generated subtitles as you wish.

Is there a limit on the number of videos I can generate subtitles for?

Yes, there is a limit of 3 videos per month on the free tier.

What are the benefits of using subtitles on my videos?

Using subtitles can boost video engagement, increase views, and hold viewer attention up to 3X longer.

Is Videofast available for commercial use?

Yes, Videofast is ideal for social marketing and can be used for commercial purposes.'s Core Features

  • Fast Subtitles, More ViewsBoost Video Engagement & Views with Automatic Subtitles. Skyrocket Your Video Watch Duration. Hold Viewer Attention up to 3X Longer. Save Time and Effort Now.'s Use Cases

  • Ideal for social marketing. Grow-hack your videomarketing on social networks. Traffic

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