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Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator Q&A

What is Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator?

Create professional AI headshots from your selfie with the AI headshot generator, to save time and energy.

How to use Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator?

Upload your photo and click the Generate button to create AI headshots in just a few steps.

How long does it take to generate AI headshots?

The turnaround time is 2 hours or less.

What is the image resolution of the generated headshots?

The image resolution is 1536*2304 pixels.

How many headshots are included in each plan?

The Starter plan includes 40 headshots, the Normal plan includes 120 headshots, and the Premium plan includes 220 headshots.

Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator's Core Features

  • Supports 40+ backdrops and clothing options, high-quality headshot generation, 80% cost savings.

    Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator's Use Cases

  • Perfect for LinkedIn, business profiles, CVs, resumes, and other digital profile headshots.

    Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator Traffic

    Monthly Visits: 6.0M
    Avg.Visit Duration: 00:05:11
    Page per Visit: 4.17
    Bounce Rate: 48.42%
    Sep 2023 - Mar 2024 All Traffic
    Top 5 Regions Brazil: 12.88%
    United States: 10.68%
    France: 5.73%
    Spain: 5.33%
    Italy: 5.29%
    Sep 2023 - Mar 2024 Desktop Only
    Traffic Sources
    Search: 67.78%
    Direct: 26.78%
    Social: 2.63%
    Referrals: 2.13%
    Mail: 0.58%
    Display Ads: 0.11%

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